Exploring St. Maarten/ St. Martin…

January 2017. My third time to St.Maarten- The friendly island :). Oh how I love this beautiful island. Click the link for my first blog post on St.Maarten/St.Martin. ūüôā Day 1¬† After a very early flight, I arrived at the ¬†Sonesta Maho Beach Resort, (situated mere minutes from the airport, which is always a plus,… Continue reading Exploring St. Maarten/ St. Martin…


To the love of the tropical rainbow‚Ķ.

The Caribbean? What is it and why do we love it? By popular definition, the Caribbean is a group of islands bounded by the Caribbean Sea.But what does it mean to me? When I see the world Caribbean, here’s what goes through my mind. I see green. Gigantic mountains frilled with lush trees, encompassing the […]

Anguilla ~ The Goat Island???

August 26th, 2015. Early morning departure from the Sonesta Maho Resort, onward to the port. After checking in with customs, on board a small high speed boat it was to lovely Anguilla.¬† ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~30 minutes later~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Arriving in Anguilla, after clearing customs once more, ¬†to Shoal Bay it was, via a tour bus. A short ride… Continue reading Anguilla ~ The Goat Island???

St.Maarten- The friendly island :)

## August 2014...Summer! Dreams of white sand beaches and crystal clear aquamarine waters ran aimlessly through my mind. Ha...you're only fooling yourself...you won't get that, I subconsciously thought. Low and behold, one¬†day local travel¬†agency¬†was offering chartered flights to St.Maarten/St.Martin.'St. Who?' was my initial reaction as I had never heard about this place before.¬†Sceptical at first,… Continue reading St.Maarten- The friendly island ūüôā