Prickly Pear Cays ~ sugar bird island.

7.50am. The shuttle arrived promptly in front of the hotel to transport us to the Simpson Bay marina where our day adventure would begin. After checking with immigration, a few moments were spent admiring the sparkling waters and extravagant boats and yachts in Simpson Bay, St. Maarten. Soon after, the captain alerted us to walk along the jetty to the Lambada, a very modern, chic catamaran.Taking off our flip flops, the crew assisted us to get on board and we settled in nicely.


RING RING RING! goes the bell as the captain tried to get everyone’s attention. He then outlined the safety procedures of the boat in a very fun and interactive way. Volunteers were then called to help hoist the sail and so our journey to Prickly Pear Cays began.

Meandering the coast of St Maarten/St Martin, we passed many scenic cliffs with the whirling azul waters crashing against them as well as beautiful sights of the famous French and Dutch sides of the island, showcasing the splendour of both their mainlands. Truly one of a kind! I mean, where else can you find a tiny island bursting with such rich and diverse individual backgrounds coexisting in harmony?!

After around an hour, the boat slowed into a little cay. The baby blue waters bubbled, giving a gemstone like appearance, so clear that it seemed as if the seabed was a few centimetres away. Further on land, was Prickly Pear itself, dotted with palm trees swaying in the breeze and dark green umbrellas and chairs laid out in a line along the white gleaming sands. A little drink shed could be seen as well as a small restaurant.


Taking a tiny dingy to the shore, I admired the view, savouring the natural untouched beauty of this island. The waves rolled gently unto the shore in a rhythmic sequence of pure white bubbles and foam, causing the colourful moored boats  to bob up and down. The sun beamed down on the waters reflecting a colour wheel of blue hues from turquoise to aquamarine to cyan and every shade in between. Simply breathtaking!


I then took a stroll along the shore to the shed i had seen earlier. My dad started chatting with the bartender. After a while, I saw him take some sugar from a cup in his hand. In a few seconds, a group of tiny yellow and black birds swarmed around him, landing on his hand, carefully picking up each grain of sugar. Eager to try this, I also took some sugar and of course, these delicate creatures came and perched themselves comfortably in the palm of my hand. I was so surprised at how skilled they were with their thin beaks, picking up only the sugar and never making the mistake to peck my hand. TOTALLY AMAZING!!!


This little island reminded me so much of movies like Nim’s Island and I couldn’t help but wonder what it would be like to live in a place like this, away from all advanced technological gadgets of today’s world.

After spending some time with my new birdie friends, I took a dip in the cool waters. It was soooooo refreshing and much needed after the lengthy boat ride. It was then time to head back to the Lambada for our next stop.

A few minutes later, we arrived at Sandy Ground, Anguilla. Disembarking, we walked up to Roy’s Bayside Grill for local lunch of rice, cole claw and meat of choice. The waters of Sandy Ground beach was also very clear, and there were a lot more boats moored than at Prickly Pear. Following lunch,I spent some time chatting with one of the locals while sitting on a bench, admiring the view. Soon after, we boarded the boat again and headed back to St. Martin.


Stopping at Long Bay, passengers were allowed to dive off the Lambada into the aqua blue waters below. Cold beers were then thrown overboard from the crew and captain. Long Bay was the epitome of serenity, the view from the boat so aesthetically pleasing, with a dingy rocking too and fro in the crystal clear blue green waters, and the waves lapping gently on the shore. The rock formations added to the picture perfect scene, like something straight out of a movie.


After spending some time at Long Bay, we began our journey to the marina, of course not without a dance party! The boat crew had groovy dance session on board the Lambada, the perfect end to our magnificent day out, putting smiles on everyone’s faces. Before I knew it, I was back at the marina, putting on my flip flops and heading back to my hotel.What an amazing and eventful day!

I would highly recommend Aqua Mania Adventures tours. The crew and captain are so friendly, interactive and helpful and provide to your every need, from serving drinks and snacks to providing entertainment on board. Such a great experience!

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