Barbados ~ The land of the Flying Fish…or the green monkeys?!

August 2016.

A one hour flight landed me at the Grantley Adams International Airport in beautiful Barbados.

Shortly after clearing with immigration, I arrived at the Accra Beach Hotel and Spa and was greeted by extremely friendly staff and given a complimentary drink while checking in.

After getting settled in the pool/ocean view room,which was very clean and welcoming, I decided to take a walk around the compound. Heading out to the beach, I was greeted by soft waves kissing the shore and cool white sand, adjacent to a meandering wooden board walk as far as the eye could see. It was the perfect afternoon, the tangerine sun setting in the distance, splashing the light grey skies with a pop of fiery colour. Little brown birds skimmed the shore looking for scraps to eat before heading in to roost for the night.


The long boardwalk was lined with various restaurants, providing dining options for every fancy.Joggers and runners sprinted up and down, stirring the calm afternoon.Very relaxing, chilled ambience.

After my walk, I went to the Pacifika Kitchen, situated on the compound of the hotel, for dinner. This establishment was very elegant, offering a variety of Thai/Japanese cuisine.A warm towelette was given, to freshen up, followed by my meal of miso soup and nasi goreng (noodles with chicken and shrimp), which was simply delicious and satisfying after a long day.

Day 2

Bright and early. The warm caribbean sun blazed upon the earth as I walked to the Coco Patch restaurant for breakfast. A continental breakfast was offered with some local delicacies mixed in. I was seated outside, with a gorgeous view of Rockley Bay. It was the first time I saw it in the daylight. Simply beautiful. Mixed shades of blue and turquoise rippling on the white crisp sand.

After breakfast, I decided to lounge on the beach for a bit. The hotel provided complimentary beach chairs and umbrellas for their guests. Just staring at the waves in their steady motion had me transfixed for hours. The ocean was stunning. So calm, so peaceful, so relaxing. Around midday, I decided to take a dip in the water. Ahhhh, so refreshing. The cool caribbean manifested itself in the non stop gentle waves as I journeyed into the turquoise waters, as if to greet you hello, hugging you with each passing swell.


After my bath, I had booked an appointment at the Chakra Spa, located within the hotel. I received an aromatherapy massage which was even more relaxing, helping to melt my tension away. The staff at the spa were very professional and friendly. Definitely a great experience.

For lunch, I tried a sandwich from Just Grillin’ Restaurant located across the road from the hotel.

In the evening, there was live entertainment provided by the hotel which was very enjoyable.

Day 3

My day began with breakfast at Coco Patch again. Afterwards, it was to the bus for a day tour of Barbados. The tour began at Harrison’s Cave. A short tram ride to the location of the cave was followed by an informative few minutes where guests were allowed to read about the history as well as view a short film about it. Upon embarking the tram into the cave,the journey began with a very informative tour guide pointing out and explaining the features of this natural wonder. There were beautiful unique limestone formations at every nook and cranny of the cave and crystal clear water flowing around us as well as dripping occasionally on us (lol). There were a few stops within the caves where we got to experience the natural flowing water in a cascading form as well as gentle streams. The limestone formed towering cathedral like structures which were stunning. The stalactites and stalagmites were mesmerising and we even got to hold a broken piece of one (shhh, that’s supposed to be a secret).


After the caves, it was on to the Flower Forest Botanical Garden. I was given a map as well as an introduction to the history of the garden. We were then allowed to walk around the garden, using the map. Along the way, there were beautiful blossoms at each corner, showcasing the most vibrant hues of red, pink and yellow. The towering trees provided a shaded canopy from the scorching sun as we ventured through. There were a few stopping points with brilliant views of the island, picture perfect! This garden truly displayed the diverse flora of Barbados. We were then given complimentary drinks before leaving for our next stop.



Bathsheba was the next stop. The “mushrooms” as the tour guide said they were popularly called. These formations lay in the water, giving the illusion of levitating rocks. What a sight!


Lunch time came after at the Sand Dunes Bar. I had a scrumptious lunch of macaroni pie, fresh salad and of course, FLYING FISH. It was amazingly delicious, a home made taste in a relaxing casual environment, like a typical “lunchtime in the life of a Bajan” experience.

Next stop, the Barbados Wildlife Reserve, passing the famous Cherry Tree Hill and briefly stopping at the St. Nicholas Abbey along the way. Upon arrival, we were instructed to walk around before the main show started. There were tortoises EVERYWHERE along the paths. Being careful not to step on any of them, we observed many animals being protected in a natural forest like environment. This reserve showcased the fauna of this beautiful island. There were a few peacocks as well, with bursting blue and green colours as well as some deer, very friendly cute animals. A wheelbarrow of fruits  was soon brought in and the animals began to gather around as if there was a wifi signal on it. The fruits were placed on the ground and they all raced to eat. Above in the trees, hundred of the famous green monkeys began to appear to grab their share. Swinging from tree to tree, even getting in the occasional fight for a piece of banana.This was surely amusing to the onlookers.




The journey back to the hotel was also informative as we passed through Bridgetown, getting some interesting facts from the bus driver.

Later in the afternoon, I tried Chefette, which is a very popular food chain on the island. The hotel again had entertainment, with dancers and local bands, showcasing the talent and culture of the Bajans.

Day 4

Final day in paradise. My last day was very chilled. I savoured the beautiful waters for one last time and took a farewell bath. Before i knew it, I was leaving the lobby of Accra and heading to the airport.

This vacation was amazing. Barbados is an absolute gem in the Caribbean island chain. Looking forward to visiting again soon.


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