Anguilla ~ The Goat Island???

August 26th, 2015.

Early morning departure from the Sonesta Maho Resort, onward to the port. After checking in with customs, on board a small high speed boat it was to lovely Anguilla. 

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~30 minutes later~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Arriving in Anguilla, after clearing customs once more,  to Shoal Bay it was, via a tour bus. A short ride filled with informative chats about the small island and some viewings of popular landmarks along the way, including an extravagantly built Roman Catholic church(St. Gerard’s), soon ended on the crisp white sands of the famous Shoal Bay beach.One intriguing fact told by the bus driver was that there are more goats than people on the island. Meeehh?


Upon disembarking, refreshing, clean air washed over you, signalling the beginning of a relaxing time, channelling your body to unwind. Two steps further and there it was,the glistening shades of turquoise, aquamarine and blue swirled into one, blending with each overlapping wave.Paradise! Paradise was to the left and right, a white sand carpet paving a regal walkway into the beautiful blue. The cascading crystalline waves on the smooth grainy sand was simply therapeutic to gaze at, transporting you into a realm of tranquillity. Complimentary umbrellas and chairs were provided for those who wished to take a little snooze ,sun bathe or even just admire the water. For persons with a special interest in snorkelling and other water sports, this is surely the place for you, as I imagine the marine world under the beautiful waters is to die for!


After relaxing a bit, it was bath time! Venturing into the waters was like stepping into a burst of freshness as it cooled your skin from the blazing Caribbean sun. Calm,gentle waves lifted you in a steady rhythm, allowing you to fully experience the magnificence that is Shoal Bay. The hours seemed to drift by just as the waves were hitting the shore.

In the blink of an eye, 12pm arrived and it was time to eat. Lunch at the Tropical Sunset Beach Restaurant was good, very laid back, adding to the relaxing Caribbean vibe. Guest were given an option of fries/rice, coleslaw and meat of choice.

After filling our tummies, it was back into the water.Who would have guessed that Tropical Storm Erika was imminent? The only telltale sign was that the water began to get slightly choppy as the hours went by. Other than that, everything was perfectly normal.

At around 4.30pm, the tour guides signalled to everyone and just like that the day was over. I quickly packed up my stuff and headed to the bus, taking my last few glimpses of Shoal Bay. After a day of fun in the sun, it was back to the port and then to St. Maarten, via the 30 minute boat ride.Definitely a day to remember.



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